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Sharing Internet Wireless to Wired PC


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I have a I Broadband Internet connection with NTL. I have connected via the Ethernet to the PC that is well old from 1997. I am happy with the speed and is running fine. The PC has no USB ports. It has 1 free PCI slot. This PC is upstairs.

Right, I have just bought a new PC from DELL. Its got all 2 free USB and PCI slots. What I want to achieve is to surf the Internet wireless with the new DELL pc using the Broadband connection . The DELL PC will be downstairs.

What do I need to achieve this with the minimum cost.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You should be able to get away with a wireless router and two PCI wireless cards, Shahid. Some wireless routers also have an ethernet port as well, so you may get away with one wireless PCI card.