Sharp dials Aquos TVs into Yahoo channel

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Jun 26, 2007
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Piping web pages to television sets has never been a particular success in the past - something Sharp and Yahoo Japan hope to change with the introduction of a new service later this month.
Yahoo Japan for Aquos commences on 29 May, delivering pre-selected Yahoo pages to 31 current Aquos models, all of which offer full high-definition screens.
Anyone using the free service needs to connect their TV to the internet via an Ethernet cable, as there are no wireless Aquos models available yet.
Family emphasis
Using the normal TV remote control, users can select from channels that include travel guides, recipes, puzzles and entertainment guides. The 'Shape Your Square Head Round' option sounds particularly intriguing.
Yahoo Japan director Hiroaki Kitano is fully aware of the pitfalls of offering web TV and isn't rushing into anything major at first. The key to expanding the service to something more comprehensive will be in making the simple, free services a success first.
He explained: "We would like to consider adding [commercial services, but those] won't start unless the initial service succeeds. The key figure as a benchmark is one million units or one million people."