Shop robber ends up five pounds worse off



A robber in Scotland ended up five pounds worse off when he tried to raid a shop.

The man asked for a packet of cigarettes and offered a £10 note to get the shopkeeper to open the till.

But, when he produced a hammer and demanded the contents, he got just loose change amounting to about £5. As he fled, he left behind his £10 and the cigarettes, says the Daily Record.

Shopkeeper Joyce McMaster, 55, said the man came into Brown Stores in Ayr.

She said: "He asked for cigarettes and handed over a tenner. When I went into the till for his change he produced the hammer.

"He shouted, `Give me the rest of the money' and I froze at first before telling him where to go.

"As he tried to get his hand into the till, I instinctively banged it shut on his fingers. He ran off with a few quid.

"I chased him out the door, but he was away far too fast. In the end, I've had a shock, he's down a few quid and he's not even got his cigarettes."