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1200cc with 100,000,000,000 neurons and 100,000,000,000,000 connections
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Then this is your thread.

Have you got a dish big enough to have a bath in?

Got enough old STB?s to cement them together and build a small apartment block?

Ever turned a Squarial into a coffee table?

Ever had an FBI agent knocking at the door, worried about what you are up to with your dishes (or a person from the local planning permission office for that matter)?

Can you receive enough channels to ?give? everyone in the third world their own to watch by themselves and still have enough left over for your extended family?

Ever called in sick just because you saw an interesting looking old dish in a dumpster on the way to work and wanted to go back for it?

Ever crashed a car while looking at someone?s dish on the side of their house (and supposedly driving at the same time)?

Ever found a satellite in a position you thought there shouldn?t be one and heard a voice say We come in peace?

Now have you ever done that when it wasn?t late at night and you hadn?t been to the pub first?

In other words, instead of trying to subtlety drop your system spec and experiences into a thread about the price of corn beef, post pictures and details here.
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Channel Hopper

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A little less analogue, and a lot more crap.
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Errrr, yes , yes , yes , yes, etc etc

Pictures take a thousand bytes and more

Can the server take it ?