'Sick' cartoon coming to the UK



A sick cartoon in which cuddly characters are maimed and decapitated is coming to UK audiences.

Happy Tree Friends features a series of happy-go-lucky woodland animals which end up ripped to shreds in pools of blood in each short episode.

MTV is in negotiations to bring Happy Tree Friends to screens and a DVD collection of their antics is released by British firm Revolver this month.

Terrestrial TV stations are also expected to chase the show, which has already become a cult hit in the US.

The 50s-style animation in pastel colours features a rabbit which sticks a fork into a plug socket, an anteater which gets sawn through and set alight and a bear which gets shredded in the rotor blades of a helicopter.

The cartoons began on the Internet, created by animators Mondo Media, but their popularity led to DVD releases in the US.

MTV now wants to create longer versions and merchandise is being masterminded by the company which made spin-offs for The Osbournes TV show.

Natascia Phillips, product manager for video firm Revolver, said: "It's sick, twisted and extremely funny. Happy Tree Friends makes South Park look like the Tweenies.

"They have fun and play together, then they die in a variety of horrible ways, mostly through unfortunate accidents or sometimes as a result of Flippy the bear's psychotic Vietnam flashbacks which prompt his regular killing sprees."

Co-creator Ken Navarro has said of the short films: "I don't think we are intentionally making a statement. Sure, it's controversial and violent and stuff like that. But really when it comes down to it, it's whatever makes us laugh."

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