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Astra 1G (19.2°E)
- Canal Digitaal & Canal Satélite Digital & Canal Satellite France & France Telecom Cable & NC Numéricable & Noos Numérique: Mezzo (France) is now transmitted Free To Air (11817 MHz, pol.V SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:8007 PID:166/104 fra).

EuroBird 1 (28.5°E)
- Noello has left 12507 MHz, pol.V (DVB/MPEG2 SCPC SID:1 PID:4194/4195 ita)
- New SR for K-TV Fernsehen on 12567 MHz, pol.V: SR:2200 ( FEC:5/6 SID:1 PID:33/34 ger - Clear).

Eutelsat W1 (10°E)
- A new channel has started in DVB/MPEG2 SCPC: XEW - Canal 2 (Mexico) on 11686 MHz, pol.H SR:1172 FEC:7/8 SID:1 PID:513/661 esp - Clear. !525

Eutelsat W2 (16°E)
- CNN International Europe (Cable News Network) has left 11678 MHz, pol.V (DVB/MPEG2 MCPC SID:1 PID:33/34 eng)

POL 020 WARSAW has replaced KURDISTAN on 16.0E 11142V/5632

Mayak24 (Left) has replaced Mayak (Left) on 36.0E 12674V/2000

CBS NEWSPATH 1 has replaced KTU H0L 157 on 16.0E 11167H/5632

Auto 6 Mbit/s has replaced 5.632 PAL, 2 Audio on 16.0E 12540H/5632

SBT has appeared on 5.0E 12590V/6111

VIDEO PIU has replaced FUCINO E/S on 7.0E 11178H/5632

KTU H0L 157 has replaced CBS NEWSPATH 1 on 16.0E 11167H/5632