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TEST has appeared on 13.0E 11512H/27500

RFI Barcelona has appeared on 7.0E 11283V/27500

HCN has appeared on 13.0E 12303V/27500

UK History~ has replaced PLAY uk~ on 28.2E 11817V/27500

Arabsat 3A (26°E)
- Iraq Satellite Channel has left 11747 MHz, pol.V (DVB/MPEG2 MCPC SID:410 PID:4060/4020 ara)

Eutelsat Hotbird 1 (13°E)
- Cyfra +: TV Polonia on 11513 MHz, pol.H SR:27500 FEC:3/4 SID:5108 PID:167/108 pol (Clear). Test

Eutelsat Hotbird 4 (13°E)
- Iraq Satellite Channel has left 12654 MHz, pol.H (DVB/MPEG2 MCPC SID:9 PID:1960/1920 ara), it is no longer transmitted by satellite in Europe (Ku Band)

Eutelsat W1 (10°E)
- PID have changed for XEW - Canal 2: PID:513/660 esp SID:1 (11623 MHz, pol.V SR:1435 FEC:7/8 - Clear). !525

Nilesat 101 (7°W)
- Iraq Satellite Channel has left 11823 MHz, pol.V (DVB/MPEG2 MCPC SID:1102 PID:1018/1019 ara)

PanAmSat 3R (43°W)
- WABC TV New York has left 11517 MHz, pol.H (DVB/MPEG2 SCPC SID:4 PID:4160/4120 eng)