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EUROLIGA MULTI has replaced EUROLEAGUE FINAL FOUR on 16.0E 11142V/5632

RAI ITA78 3358069259 has appeared on 7.0E 11178H/5632

SSport Extra has replaced Appl. Ch on 13.0E 10930H/27500

No Zap has replaced Free X-TV (No Zap) on 13.0E 11137H/27500

UKI 298 MOSCOW CH1 has replaced SATLINK on 10.0E 12739V/5632

BFBS 8 TELEVISION has appeared on 7.0E 11326V/27500

BFBS 7 TELEVISION has appeared on 7.0E 11326V/27500

TEST has appeared on 13.0E 11408V/27500

Thor 2 (0.8°W)
- Next Channel is testing on 11247 MHz, pol.V SR:24500 FEC:7/8 SID:138 PID:516/660 English (Clear).