BT TES33 UKI 37O has replaced TES 33 on 16.0E 11167H/5632

Test has appeared on 26.0E 11747V/27500

TEST has replaced Iraq on 26.0E 11747V/27500

Test has replaced Bagdad R1 on 26.0E 11747V/27500

Detsky Mir has replaced Detski Mir on 23.5E 12605H/27500

Auto 6 Mbit/s has replaced NTV RUS-6 on 16.0E 12532H/5632

NTV RUS-6 has replaced UKI-511 CODER A on 16.0E 12524H/5632

UKI-511 CODER A has appeared on 16.0E 12547H/5632

RTL MCR (ENEX 8 Mbit) has replaced FDS5 5.632 on 16.0E 12555H/5632

Express A1R, 40E

The test cards have left 11575V.

Eutelsat Sesat, 36E

'Teve Pika' and an 'Islah TV' promo have started on 11136V, clear, SR 4886, FEC 2/3.

Astra 2A, 28.2E

'TV Travel Shop Mosaic' and 'TV Travel Shop Quad Mosaic' have started on 11954H, clear, SR 27500, FEC 2/3.

Arabsat 2D, 25.8E

'Saudi Arabian TV 1-2' have started on 11602H, clear, SR 6000, FEC 3/4.

Astra 1E, 19.2E

The 'TVC Internacional' tests have left 10876V.

Eutelsat W2, 16E

'La 7' and 'MTV Italia' have started on 12630H, clear, SR 6111, FEC 3/4.

The 'Pink Plus' info card has left 12536V.

Hot Bird 1, 13E

The 'Kabel Deutschland' package has left 11262H (Lineup: 'RAI Uno', 'RAI Due', 'RAI Tre', Show TV' and 'TGRT').

A 'Fish video' has started on 11262H, clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4.

Hot Bird 3, 13E

The 'Pink Plus' info card has left 12476H.

Hot Bird 4, 13E

'Multivision 8-9' test cards have started on 10796V, clear, SR 27500, FEC 3/4.

Intelsat 707, 1W

'Private Gold International' has left 11014H, moved to Thor 2, 11325H.

Telstar 12, 15W

An 'MATV' test card has started on 12595H, clear, SR 31829, FEC 3/4.