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Firstly, apologies if this question is blindingly obvious but I've looked and cannot find the answer.

The question is, is there any way I can clone/create or otherwise get my hands on a card that will allow me to watch all of (or at least as many as possible) Sky satellite channels.

The obvious answer is to subscribe, but this is my problem - I left the UK a few months ago and Sky will not sell me a card and there are a few companies that will do so on my behalf but speaking to other expats here, they are either very expensive or totally unreliable.

So, is it possible, and if so how do I do it and/or what do I need. At the moment I've got a normal-bought-from-Dixons set up (not very creative, but hey, it used to work)

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Several companies supply Sky cards abroad - a simple Google search will help.

You can buy them and Sky don't seem to mind.

Otherwise you've got no chance of receiving Sky without an official card.

Read today that ITV may go FTA - add that to the BBC and it's up to you what you want.