Singing from the same Song-Sheet - Panasonic 30/31


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Hi to all mods and 'ministrators.

I have a question! Is it possible to create a thread specific to the 'Panasonic 30/31 lock-up problem' and, when and if you guys see it/them, move the new posting (or existing posts/threads) to this new thread.

There are multiple threads all on the same topic, some getting responses (usually because its a new thread (sic)) while others, like me, are finding it difficult - no, sorry, that will only be me:rolleyes: - who are finding it tediously difficult having to dredge through multiple threads to find out ..... yawn ........

The only thing that is clear is that a whole load of panny STB's have all failed at the same time. IMHO, I reckon it would be great to have a forum where all the necessary information and talent is singing from the same song sheet and not have it so fragmented. Think Forum "Disk Cleanup".

Is there a solution to hand, or, are you gonna tell me off - Views?

Have Fun,



Believe it when I see it Admin.
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I'll have a look and see what is the best solution Mark, hadn't been following the threads particularly so didn't appreciate that it was a widespread problem.

If you have some links to the threads i can possible either merge them, or create a subsection.