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Sky and Fixed or Motorised systems

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Hi All

New to all this satellite stuff, have had Sky digital for years but getting a bit bored, what would be the best set-up for Sky digital and overseas satellite reception, someboby suggested a fixed dish for sky and a motorised one for
foreign stations and what size dish? i live in cambrigeshire (UK) any suggestions or help for the uninitiated would be most welcome.

Regards, eskimo


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The Sky mini dish and receiver can be viewed as a pair. The receiver isn't much good when you move it from the position of the Sky digital satellites.

You would be better with another receiver for other satellites and a 80 - 90 cm dish and motor would get most popular satellites.

Do you have a clear line of site for the South arch - East to West?

When you have decided on your budget and what channels you are look for come back and let us know.

Oh, and welcome to the world of multi satellite broadcasting.