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just had sky installed everything fine exept for the sky cinema channel.The problem is when watching this channel every now and again the picture seems to freeze very very slightly,mostly involving car chases or running.Has anyone else had this problem or can anyone explain the reason for this.Thank you.
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As its an install in the UK (I think) and I believe it would have been an authorised Sky Agent fittin, once you have tried tightening the F plug with no result, I would call Sky.

The installer may have supplied in sequence of importance
1) A receiver with a notch response in the tuner, he should have a spare with him to verify by substitution when he returns
2) The dish may be slightly misaligned
3) The LNB may not be optimised for skew
4) The dish may be too small for the location. If you are near or north of the border, you should insist on a Zone 2 (larger) dish
4a) Cable run may be too long for the signal generated by the outdoor components.

Dont forget Sky is offering a service that you are paying for by virtue of subscription, you have a right to backup for the first year if its not doing all that you were promised in the large and smallprint