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Everywhere I look there is potential for test cards for sky digital, whos kidding who here. There are firms offering programs to code these cards at a charge. Is this definately a scam or is this a secret not to be told as yet. (Not every site mentions DirecTV).

Programmer Advice - I have an elvis programmer at present and am extremely happy with its performance what do you think.

Please note :- I am in contact with various people who are questioning the same as myself, when I find out more I will return there comments for forum.


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May 1, 1999
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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 24-Mar-02 AT 10:28 PM (GMT)]All I can say Micky is that I think that I'm reasonably well connected and have not once had direct contact with anyone who claims to have seen a working hack. I also know several people who are incredibly well connected and they report the same.

Draw your own conclusions from that, I think that a lot of the rumours about hacks are started by blokes in pubs who've got a friend of a friend who've seen a working card. Strangely the cards never materialise though.

A good example is a very good friend of mine who claimed that someone in Switzerland that he had visited had a big dish pointing at Sky Digital and was getting all of the channels without a Sky digibox and card. Because they were so close to the satellite and the dish was poining almost straight up at it the signal was strong and didn't need decrypting. Absolute cobblers you say and so did I, but it took me 20 minutes and a lot of convincing to set him right. If I hadn't been there to put him right his claim would have become fact, at least in that pub anyway.