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Hi this is my first time login in the forums,first of all i believe that this are one of the best in the uk and second i've got a question.
Does any one know what to do when a message telling you that you've run out of credit, please call the following number?

this message will come every time I order something at box office if there is a way to do something whithout having to ring sky can you help?.



Believe it when I see it Admin.
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No, unfortunately its not a hack, its a delaying tactic, so the only way to get your box office back is to reconnect to the phone and pay for what you've watched.

There are several earlier threads debating this subject and the concensus would appear to be that although there are claimed methods of clearing the memory on the card and box, none are substantiated.



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Check out this site for NON-WORKING scams, it will avoid you being ripped off.


These devices work via the phone line they DO NOT send any info to sky. They work by resetting the credit limit you have for box office, this is usually about £35.00 per month. Once you use up the credit limit you plug the device in again and reset the credit. The digi box has a memory of between 1 and 3 days. As long as you do not plug the phone line in for 3 days after using the device you will not be charged! I have had mine for about 5-6 months and had no problems with it!
You will require a pp3 battery (little 9 volt with the two clips on the top).
The price is £25.00 +2 bucks P&P (insured)

How he says it works:

The phone line does not have to be connected. Only when your Digi box is plugged in to the phone line it will send all requests for box office events during the night. But if your box is not plugged in to the phone line You will still be able to get all the channels you pay for and order films. The request is stored in eprom (electronic programmable read only memory) in your Digi box, This is held for about 2-3 days. It will try to report to sky that you have had a film or event, but if you are not plugged in no charge. This will work up to a limit of about £35.00 then you will get error messages asking you to contact sky. The device will trick the digi box in to thinking it has reported the event by resetting the credit limit.
So if you keep the box off the phone line for 2-3 days after watching any event/movie you will not be charged. Try it you can order a film when the phone is off the hook.
hope this makes it a bit clearer, he says.
He says his has been going for about 5 months and still not a charge form sky. I do not believe him, if you see this on Auction sites, please do not buy one, you will get your fingers burnt!