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Sky+ users should start getting their software upgrades from Thursday 4th December. If you get up one morning and your Sky+ box has reset to EPG 998 then you should have the new software and be able to do dual recording as well as some other enhancements. It could take up to 2 days for all the software to download.


What if you did not have receiver plugged in on those dates ???


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The box will update to the new software sometime reasonably soon after you turn it back on (but it could be a week or so) – to speed things up if you do a forced software download you should get it after that.

Notice the report says “start getting their software upgrades from Thursday 4th” - not all boxes get updated immediately (suppose there was an unforeseen fault in the update, imagine the number of people who would be phonong Sky the next day) so software is phased in. If you do a forced update and still don't have the new software, just wait, it probably means your box is not scheduled for it yet.


The following key features have now been downloaded:

Dual Recording - Sky+ will automatically enable this new feature. When customers select two programmes from Sky Guide that are on at the same time, and press the 'R' button on the Sky+ remote control for each, both recordings will be scheduled. The viewer can then go off and do something else, watch one of the programmes recording, or even go into the Sky+ planner and select a third previously recorded programme to watch (downloaded December 2003)

Instant Rewind / Save Live Pause - Instant rewind was added to Sky+ last year, giving viewers the ability to rewind live TV by up to 60 minutes, just in case they want to repeat that amazing goal or catch the beginning of a missed programme (must be enabled in Sky+ Setup Menu). Now with this new upgrade, customers will not only be able to rewind TV on demand, but save the programme (or programmes) for viewing at a later time (downloaded December 2003)

Series Links - Sky+ viewers can use the series link function to automatically record episodes of a selected TV programme at the touch of a button, and without videotape. Series links are now available on nearly 3,000 programmes on over 60 digital satellite channels each week. The new upgrade continues the improvement to the series link system, now ensuring links are maintained even if an episode is skipped (e.g. due to a one-off choice of another programme), or if the next occurrence is up to four weeks away. (downloaded December 2003).

Record Radio - A home media centre holding music and TV programmes can be created with the ability to record over 100 digital music channels and radio stations (downloaded August 2002)

Manual Recordings - to record an entire block of time for any channel. Useful for magazine programmes e.g. T4 on Sunday (downloaded August 2002)