SKY HD Multi-room



My Satellite Setup
SKY set-top box with minidish.
PC with 2mb broadband.
My Location
Rotherham, S. Yorkshire
Hello all,

could anyone please advise on how best to get a high quality signal (preferably High-Def) from the S*Y HD box to another HDready TV aswell as the original HD TV connected to the HD set-top box...(without paying the £10/month extra subscription for multi-room).

I already have an i-link on the basic SKY setup and can watch the same channels upstairs as downstairs (although the same channels have to be viewed on both TVs). When I upgrade my setup to SKY HD I wish to improve the quality of picture on the HD ready TV upstairs (this, I presume will not be connected to the HD box?). The picture quality I am receiving at the moment via the basic connection is pretty poor on my HDTV when compared to the HD signal.

Is this possible? Can i get an extra long cable to go upstairs? SLY are wanting to charge an extra £10/month for multiroom. A complete outrage if you ask me. Is a backhander to the installation man worth a shot?;)