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Hi there,
I have a few queries really.:-worship
My younger brother moved around the Sky Hd box to fit his PS3 into the cabinet. With him doing this one of the inputs from the dish became unplugged, with the houseing still intact on the back of the box.
I took a look a the other feed and noticed on the cable that the bradiding was exposed, is this normal for HD Sat cable?
I've only ever in my lifetime been trained to crimp connectiors to standard Co-axail cable and I cant recall the braiding ever been exposed with that :confused

Also with the connectors on the cable they shouldnt easily become dis-membered like that should they? I mean obviously the cable should be able to disconnect from the box, but it should remain in one piece right?

Based on experience with normal co-axail shouldnt there be what looks to me like an upside down crown that covers the cable and braiding and then crimped to hold place and then the connector is screwed together to form once piece?

If possible could someone recommend some new ideal connectors that wont easily pull apart. Also any recommendations on a crimper and cable stripper would be appreicated!

Best Regards
Matt Seymour


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Behind pin 9 on an atmel
Thats normal for f's to come off..

The braid should be pulled over the outer sheaf and shouldnt be touching the inner core. it is normal for the braid to be showing

Sky dont use crimp type f's i wouldnt personaly like to be neither lol..
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Depends how they were fitted in the first place.
If they were put on by the average cowboy sky installer,they could easily pull apart,but under normal use and correctly fitted they are quite sturdy.
If you really insist on crimping them Maplins can help you out with the proper crimps and tools.-PP