SKY+ in 2 rooms?

Am i right in understanding that the Sky+ Digibox has 2 tuners in it, and therefore allowin me to view 2 different channels in 2 different rooms? (unless recording of course)

Or do i have to pay the extra 15 a month and the 99 for the extra normal box and 50 install fee to theiving bar stewards?


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A friend of mine has told me that the Sky+ box he has ordered will be capable of allowing the viewing of two different channels at the same time, I only at this moment have his word on this and that because he was told by the nice lady at Sky. Current boxes do not allow this.


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Sky+ has the following features which set it apart from a standard digibox

Record one satellite channel while watching another.

Don't miss the football when there's a great movie on too!

Record without videotape.

No timers, no tapes. Sky+ records an average of 20 hours on its internal hard drive.

Pause live TV.

Perfect if the phone goes. Just pause whatever you're watching while you have a chat. You can even fast forward to catch up with live TV.

Easily record an entire series.

Why miss your favourite show? Just use the Series Link feature to automatically record every episode from a selection of popular series'. And it's clever enough not to record the repeats or omnibus!

Instant rewind

Sky+ allows you to rewind the programme you are watching - so if you come in half way through Eastenders, you will be able to rewind and watch it from the start without missing the first bit.

What's more, those watching live sport will be able to instantly replay that dubious referee decisions or fantastic goals!

Get the full home cinema experience. ( DOLBY 5.1 AUDIO )

Connect Sky+ to a compatible home cinema system and watch selected wide screen movies in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. The Sky+ is currently the only digibox with this type of Audio output

Great news for customers with Sky+ and compatible home cinema equipment. Sky+ allows you to enjoy selected widescreen movies in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound.

Sky Premier Widescreen and Sky Box Office Widescreen are airing a wide selection of movies in Dolby Digital 5.1 sound.

To get Dolby Digital 5.1 with Sky+, you need to connect an optical digital audio cable between your Sky+ set-top box and your Dolby Digital 5.1 compatible home cinema amplifier/processor.

You'll then be able (with the necessary six speakers) to get surround sound through five audio channels (left, centre, right, left surround and right surround), plus a sixth channel giving low frequency (bass) effects.

Installation - To an existing system

The Sky+ Plus requires 2 separate feeds from your minidish ( so you can record and watch 2 different channels at the same time ) so you will find a Quad output LNB included with your Sky+ Plus machine.

Fitting the LNB is simply a matter of removing the existing LNB from your minidish and replacing it with the Quad unit. Also you will have to run a second cable back to your Sky+ machine so a length of satellite cable will be required for this purpose.

When this is completed you will be left with 2 spare outputs from your minidish - the idea of this is so you may install your old sky digibox into another room to provide further flexibility to your system.

A reduced second subscription is available for this digibox as long as it remains in the same house and is kept connected to the same phone line at all times.

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