Sky: ITV Goes Interactive



Rather uninspiringly named 'ITVi', the new interactive service for ITV viewers on Sky Digital is set to launch during September.

Following from the success of interactivity on 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire?' earlier this year, ITVi is set to start as supplementary services to high-profile programmes such as 'The Premiership', where viewers can contact the studio to voice their opinions as well as catching up with league tables. Other football shows sporting the new features will be 'On the Ball' and 'The Goal Rush'.

In the coming weeks, there won't even be a need to reach for the phone to vote for your favourite Pop Idols! Red-button voting will very shortly be on the way too on the latest 'Pop Idol' series, to compliment behind-the-scenes footage and gossip from the show.

'ITVi 24:7' will also be on the way very shortly, to enable access to all interactive features to be accessed from one place, any time of the day.

Jane Marshall, Controller of ITV Interactive said: “This is a very exciting time for ITV Interactive as we start to bring more and more services to viewers and advertisers under the ITVi brand. We will be building on all these initiatives over the coming months and will have a comprehensive interactive offering up and running by the end of this autumn.”

The return of interactivity to Digital Terrestrial has been hinted at, although no such plans have come to light as yet for cable viewers.

(Source: ITV Press Office)


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I think its already started. Sunday morning during the Premiership there was the annoying interactive banner in the top right. I think it said "goals and tables" I can't remember anymore.