Sky launching music channels April 17th.



Sky is to launch a foray into music television on April 17, with three new stations.

Scuzz, the Amp and Flaunt will broadcast 24 hours a day seven days a week and will be available to six million Sky Digital homes.

Viewers will be able to vote for their favourite videos and there will also be music and lifestyle-related shows on each of the stations.

Scuzz will be a home for rock and metal acts such as Metallica, The Datsuns and Marilyn Manson.

Flaunt is aimed at teenage girls with attitude, and music choices will include Ms Dynamite, Blue, Mis-Teeq, Sugababes and Pink.

Fans of acts such as Massive Attack, Coldplay and Eminem are Sky's target audience for The Amp.

Although BSkyB carries a number of music channels, these are the first which the broadcaster has created itself.

BSkyB's head of music TV, Lester Mordue, said: "These channels will push the boundaries of music TV by allowing viewers to vote with their remote control for the next video to be played."


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Just a couple a points:

1). A music channel that let's you vote by via a phone to make a track selection? Well, its hardly original is it. Phone keypad, remote keypad????? :rolleyes:


2). One can only deduce that by being connected to a phoneline we will succumb to one of their betting/gaming channels (owned by BSKY:cool:.

Whatever, I wonder if these new channels will be FTA or subscription based? I reckon FTA so they can flush out the competition.

We shall see.

Have Fun,