SKY only rogramming soundtrack problems



I was watching football last weekend on 401 but there was no commetary soundtrack with the picture youcould hear the sounds from the ground but nothing else.when the programming went to adverts backcame the sound.It was also there for programming pro mo's.When it came to the studio part after the match ther was no sound.

I rang SKY and yet again as they always do they stated ther ewas not a problem at there end and wanted to send out an engineer to fix my box which was not broken.After the football finished the problem went away UNTIL

X files(106)Soundtrack on programming no soundrack on adverts and programming pro mo's.

You could hear sound if you turned it up to full blast.

Anybody else had the same problem

ALSO forgot to mention when the studio part of the football was on i could not hear the studio sound but could hear the after match interviews

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Hi, I had the same problem during the football. I changed channel immediately to see if the problem was on all channels and when I turned back the sound was there again. Unfortuantely I never watched the studio part so I can't comment on that. I've had the problem only twice in the past 2 years and both times I've rectified it by turning over and back again immediately.
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