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Sky+ Pace 3100 Keeps shutting down

I recently bought a Pace Sky+ 3100 on E-Bay, with a quad LNB. The quad LNB works fine. When I turn on the digibox, however, it starts up with the green light and searches for programme listings. After a length of time that varies from 30 seconds to a few minutes, it shuts down again and goes to standby. Each time I restart it searches for programme listings, stays on for a while, then shuts down. Have I been sold a dud through E-Bay? I bought it through a company called LRN Distribution Ltd, www.simplydigital.co.uk.
I don't live in the UK, so it will be difficult to send it back for repair.
Any help much appreciated! I have a background of television repair (the valve versions!) so I would be able to do some fault-finding.


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Sky+ v2 (120Gb); DM7020Si*motorised; PC/S2-3200
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first things first - is the box getting signal from Astra 2? what's signal strength/Q like and do you get a lock on input 2?

when you connect the power, hold down the backup button - this will force a software update

I'm suspecting that the drive has issues and thus you might need to open the case and disconnect the drive. Try firing it up again.