Sky Plus 160 record 2 channels and watch a third!



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OK. I know I was sober. I also had a witness, but stupidly I took no photos to prove this...

On Thursday night I was recording two different channels on my new Sky+160 box whilst watching terrestrial TV.

I flicked over to sky and started channel hopping, then I remembered I was taping TWO different channels already and that I should have got the banner up saying I could not watch a third etc. BUT to my amazement IT DIDN'T!!! I was able to flick freely. This meant I was recording two separate channels and watching a third! I hoped trough about 6 channels before worrying my recordings had stopped. I checked on the EPG and they were still recording. At this point I turned the unit into standby in case I knacked up one of my recordings (which I didn't want to loose). I checked this theory out again last night and it would not let me watch a third program (as it quite rightly shouldn't)

For the life of me I cant explain this happening. The only unusual thing was that both programmes were within 5 minutes of finishing.

My system has dual LNB feeds and is a new 160 box.

Any ideas Chaps?

Excited then confused and finally disappointed (or delusional)


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If the 2 channels you were recording were on the same polarity and in the same high or low band then it might be possible. Try this for experimentation.