Sky PPV Football charges



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Sky Digital viewers who want to watch pay-per-view Premier League football matches will be expected to pay up to £14 per game. The broadcaster has announced that existing Sky Sports subscribers will be able to buy a ' TV season ticket' to watch all of the 40 pay-per-view games for £50, while other viewers will be expected to pay £120. Those who don't buy a season ticket can pay £8 per game (Sky Sports subscribers) or £14 (non-subscribers). The TV season tickets are available through Open by selecting 'Special Offers' in the main menu, then 'Premiership Plus'. The 40 pay-per-view matches will be screened on top of the 66 available via Sky Sports.

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They certainly are looking to increase their per capita spend. Sky are also applying for licenses to transmit TV programming down BT lines. I find this one difficult to envisage as BT seem to struggle getting ADSL to work properly.



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Dear All,

I really, really, hope that any fcukwit that loves football and TV - doesn't take up this offer.

TV, courtesy of SKY, regarding 'The Pay Elemente', is being allowed to 'spiralle' out of control - IMHO :-)

WHO ON EARTH, would want to watch footy for an extra GBP 50.00 on top of the already outRAGEOUS subscription charges, and, (without the rain, watered down coke, soggy chips and whatever else Premiership clubs dish out at fantastic prices).

Mind you ;-) I could probably save twenty quid on thaat (say slowly, as if thinking) fooood iiif III stay aat hoome: (then say very quickly) - what's the number again :-)

Doh! I am sure there will be some plonker out there that thinks 1). no extra dosh on feeding the kids, and 2) the wife makes better chips: without actually realising that a) GBP 50.00 is still a fcukofffantastically expensive way to ruin a punch-drunk household already feed on 60 games of football; :cool: will continue to moan about the license fee (wonder why), and, finally, c) isn't yet aware that the wife goes out shopping whenever football is on: including video'ed highlights.

McCain's are going to love this one: watch out for the sponsorship bumpers !!

Have Fun,