Sky+ recording problems


I've had various problems with a brand new sky+ box - my old one had similar faults (all since dual recording software appeared) and also disk problems made it not worth repairing.

I have the options set to record 1 min before start and 5 mins after end of each programme

Recordings in planner:
1. 7.30 - 8pm BBC1
2. 8 - 9 BBC1
3. 9-10 BBC1

What I got was:
1. recorded 89mins!!! - won't play (does absolutely nothing) - later noticed it says used 0%
2. Recording failed - start missed
3. Recorded 154 mins - it contained all 3 progs so nothing really lost but very odd

1. 7.30 - 8pm ITV1
2. 8 - 8.30 BBC1

Watched about 10 mins of prog 1 then switched off - recording light still on and red off light.

What I got was:
1. Nothing in planner for this one at all except Part recording (last 1 min) of previous program appeared from nowhere
2. Recorded OK 36 mins.

Engineers don't seem to understand the problem.

Anyone any ideas or similar problems.


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Pace Ver.3 SKY+ box
1,20m Dish
Quad Invacom 0, 3db LNB

P4 3,4 ghz
1024mb RAM
Geforce 256mb 6800 Ultra
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Perhaps not really that similar but still a problem with SKY+
The last few weeks I wanted to record SKY ONE on a saturday from 5pm til 7pm and then again from 12am till 1am.
What I got for the last few weeks in a row was the first half an hour of jake 2.0 and rec failed on the other 2 programmes.
Funnily enough my problem also started around the time of dual recording.

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Hello pjb

I’m a big fan of Sky +. I’ve had the system since inception and would not dream of going back to VCR. However, since being upgraded to the latest dual recording software I’ve had nothing but problems similar to your own.

Missed recordings, part recordings, recordings mysteriously cancelled and numerous occasions when only the last minute of a previous program is recorded.

Operating System : 1.3 OBF
EPG Software version : Sky + 1.26 v2
Set-up Options : 1 min before start and 2 mins after end of each program.

I've since removed the above set-up options yet I’m still having problems. I’ve lost all faith in the system and have to duplicate important recordings to my Panasonic PVR-DVD recorder - a good system but not as user friendly as Sky +

My personal opinion is that the new software has serious bugs but Sky + support personnel refute this. Feedback from other users would be helpful.
Same problems here with recording programs on the same channel and immediately following one another.

I would try manual record with at least 1 minute space between recording times.

If that doesn't work, the next update should be in a couple of weeks (June/July).