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i put this in a new thread because the other was digressing slightly!

you can`t record box office on a normal video due to the pulse that is sent to the recorder. i understand this obviously will also apply to sky+ recording.
question is can this be defeated in the same way as it can for normal video.
i guess the obvious answer is no but i wondered if there was a way?


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I've recorded box office before using my sky+ box and it works fine. SKY even waits to debit your account until after you've watched the programme. I've only ever recorded the wrestling events onto tape afterwards and that worked fine. But maybe they aren't macrovision coded. I don't know how you defeat this on normal video but if you're using one of the many macrovision decoders available then it should work fine.
What p****s me off is that you cant even record (using sky+) the premiership plus channel. When trying to watch you just get a blue screen telling you this programme is not available.
Anyone know why ?