Sky, RTÉ sign new Irish football deal



Sky and RTÉ have both secured a deal to broadcast the Republic of Ireland's football games.

Sky had originally agreed to pay £5.5 million for exclusive broadcast rights, but was forced into a joint deal after a court challenge from the national broadcaster RTÉ.

Under the new contract, which will see the pair pay around £1.6 million to the Football Association of Ireland (FAI), Sky will retain exclusive rights to senior and under-21 friendly games but will share flagship matches with RTÉ.

Niall Cogley, head of sport at RTÉ, said: "It’s been a difficult time for everyone involved, including Sky who entered a straightforward deal only to be hit with new legislation."

TV3 is expected to pay £1 million for a highlights package.

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Here we go,

What happens if the BBC show for example Ireland V England or Scotland. Even any Irish game surely the Irish broadcaster RTE will be pissed off and perhaps a court battle as BBC is to beasily available to all soon in Ireland without encryption and a strong signal.

So this is one example of many why the BBC have in the end wasted money by doing this move to 2D and in the end will need to bring back encryption.

This is what happens when you lose sight of reality.

What the BBC should be doing is spending more time and resources on better programming especially for BBC 3 and 4.

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or maybe they'll be as cunning as ARD & ZDF here in Germany. During the world cup they never broadcast the games via digital satellite as their signal is not encrypted and in various countries around the world using astra 19.2 the world cup was only available as part of pay tv.
Instead of showing the games ARD & ZDF showed crappy german movies from 1950s