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Sky sports in Sweden?

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Sacramento, California, USA
Hello all,
I hope you can help me. Im an American moving to Sweden at the end of the year. The only satellite channel Im familiar with is sky sports. I love rugby union/league and American football. Sky sports, I believe, shows all of that. What kind of system will I need to have sky sports work in Sweden without any technical problems? Where can I buy a receiver that will work in Sweden and receive sky sports? I have an American pvr dishnet receiver. Can that be modifyied to work in Sweden(europe)? Any help appreciated. You can email me privately to. Cheers all stickyfingers;)


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To receive UK Sky channels you need a dedicated Sky digibox or Sky+ PVR, plus a legitimate subscription card from Sky. The digiboxes are relatively easy to get hold of, but the Sky+ units require activation by phoning Sky, the cards can be obtained from some companies, but at a premium. If you have friends or relatives in the UK, they could perhaps obtain a card for you.