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skystar 2 fine tuning motorised dish with software

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am2 4.4 1gig mem skystar 2
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problem sorted sorry for that
hi some time ago i had a program that sat inside sat vewing program that fine tunned the dish ie moved it left and right till it got the strongest signal then put the right settings into the program so it knew where to point the dish the next time u wanted to go to that sat possition
thank u in advance my setup is skystar 2 with dream tv running am2 dual core 2.6 1 gig ram


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My Satellite Setup
STRONG SRT-4910+,SunRay4HDse,TBS5922, 2.4M P.F Apstar7(76.5 DEGE), 120cm dish PAS 10 Ku( 68.5 DEGE),3.0M Mesh Motorised dish on arc (AM44 (11DEGW) to AM33(96.5 DEGE),150 cm dish W3C(16 DeG E)+ side LNB Ew2A(10 DEGE),90cm W4/W7 (36 DEGE)
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If this is possible then it would be a great soft. So it will do some sort of step tracking as in bigger earth station. The antenna control unit would move UP/DOWN and East/West in different combinations, then it will memorise the position with highest signal level and will return to that position to optimize tracking.
Actually in E station an Antenna control unit which does that. Not a software running on Windows.