SkyStar2 Captions - Recording & Stream



My Satellite Setup
I fabricated my computer using mostly Intel Parts and using the Windows XP operating system. My satellite receiver is a Ariza Extreme
My Location
I got my new SkyStar 2 card on Friday and after some expermenting with different software I finally loaded it with ProgDVB and Vplug software which is working very good indeed. It took me a couple of days to figure out how to properly use Vplug etc. I now have the capability of watching just about everything on the Hot Birds I want, except for Fox News. I am now turning my attention to learning the capabilities of the programs I loaded after I have acquire the channel I want to watch. In this regard I have three topics which I have been unable to answer on my own:
1. Is there any way to turn on captions? I am hard of hearing and I need to see captions in order keep my sound down to a reasonable level. I am probably overlooking a switch or something.
2. Is it possible to record direct to a DVD vice having to record to the hard drive and then make a DVD OR VCD from the file? Also, is there anyway to increase the size of the recorded picture?
3. Finally, there are a lot of channels that allow you to switch between language choices which is great. Is there anyway to change the language on programs that stream the audio. I get the stream number i.e. Stream 9, but it is only in one language. Is it possible to change to a different stream and obtain a different language.

As you can see, I am new to all of this so any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Dwight1