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I am considering to have a Slingbox setup between the UK and my location, and would like to get the nitty gritty total cost for such a setup.
I have already upgraded my ADSL broadband speed to 4Mb/400Kb.
The idea is to have a one way traffic, from the UK to my home, as I have nothing to offer in return. The best satellites are over Europe.
So let's get the ball rolling:

A - Hardware Cost
B - Connection cost
C- Service cost

A - Harware Cost
Let's say that I have a friend in the UK who has a dish pointing to Astra 28.2E and that he has only one LNB.
He would need to replace the LNB to a dual (twin) and add the coaxial cable cost from LNB to the receiver.
Then he will need to buy an FTA receiver, which would be "My Box" so that I can control it from my location.
So, we have now for hardware the following items, all brand new:
1 - Dual (twin) LNB
2 - Coaxial cable ~15m
3 - FTA receiver for Astra 28.2E
4 - Miscellaneous bits and pieces (wall plate, etc.)
5 - Slingbox unit (Amazon UK cost is
- Sling Media Slingbox £55 or
- Sling Media - SlingBox Solo £106
I have no idea which one to use. Add shipment cost and any cables and wiring cost.
6 - There might be other items that will only be remembered when the actual setup is started.

B - Connection cost
I have no idea about the broadband cost in the UK. We have a 24/7 connection and without any limit on download or upload data size.
If there is a limitation, then I might settle for only few hours a day, in order to cut the cost down. But would need the best upload speed, as I would like to have a decent bitrate picture.
Would there be a need for an extra connection account for my box, or can this be sorted out by increasing the parameters of my friend's own account?
Add to this the electricity cost (I did say nitty gritty, right?)
Add to this the setting up of the account (it takes time) so that I can watch it from my PC or another Slingbox unit to watch on TV (will buy it myself).

C- Service cost
As I believe that nobody works for nothing, especially when it comes to supplying a reliable service with monitoring and switching on/off, e-mail answering (time spent), I will need a rough estimate of how much this service can cost me. It might be a nice way to pay for some of the bills for someone.:)

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. If anybody has experience with a similar setup, then I would appreciate it if you can fill in the missing details regarding cost of various items.

Thanks for any replies.:)