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Sly FTV Question


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Dreambox 7000
1mtr Dish
Quick Sly question.

My sister had an account with Sly (premium channel card) and the went off travelling for a year. Cancelled the card (but kept her sly account open) so I thought - cool!! chucked her old card in my 7000S and had a FTV card working fine. My sis is back shortly and has asked Sly for a new card as she wants to pick up where she left off. Sly sent her a new card (not activated yet) but suddenly the original card in my 7000S is black screens on FTV channels (ie: 4 and 5 :(

Was I wrong in thinking that this card would still work as a FTV card??
Or has the release of a second card on that account killed the original card (even though it is only a FTV card now)

Anyone any ideas - I'm gutted - no Ramseys Kitchens on 4 for me tonight:-