smart card error (no atr)



First of all, thanks for the great support page!

Now my problem... I had a Xtreme Hornet Working fine until I loaded a fake boot loader on it, now it's dead. I was using dragoncam 3.02 and all "predators" with no problems, even with an original subscription card in viaccess2. Now i have a Kaon570 and all i get with every original smartcard in the dragoncam is "smartcard error (no ATR)"
My old receiver had smartcard reader buit in, so my subscription card was always there working fine.

Not even the Xplus card that came with the dragon is working.
I think I noticed this once i loaded an old predator (2.34) but didn't pay much attention because i used the embbeded reader for the card in viaccess2.

Now back to the latest predators, all i get is good emulation, but the Atr error with the original abbonement (for wich I paid an annual subscription).

Any solution?