Smartbox 201 0r CI 202



My Satellite Setup
windows 98 and comag FTAIII
My Location
Can anyone help me please!

My smartbox 201 which is the same as the CI 202 is not switching on. It just stays on standby(red light) when trying with the remote still the same. when I tried to use jtag with jkeys I got:
ID:0x1D405041 Device:STi5518MVB-X. Then I cannot find the IRDmodel and IRD#. Because it says FTA201 on the receiver I dont know if 201 is the actual IRDmodel on jkeys tools I should key? however on the list there is no 201. Here is the list on jkeys tool:

What is happening is that I can read and save into my computer with some of this IRDmodel not only one but more than one. I wonder if this is correct or wrong? and when I'm trying to erase I got:
FLASH TIME OUT(DQ5set) ERROR detected erasing flash. So I'm stuck can anyone help me please.