Smw Omt installing on Fibo,who should i conect,and fine tune,for best signal results?


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Apr 25, 2005
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i want to install a smw omt (orthomod)with 2 lnbs on my fibo 1,25 m gregorian to optimeized the performance,on the hellas S2 Beam focused to greece,the signal is very low,aproximently 35% in dvb 2000,bechause of the reason i canot change the lnb scew on gregory,my hirschmann polarizer,seems to be not compatible with my smw conector type c or F,only type E is compatble,what i dont have,no i have bought a smw omt,to optimeized the signal one for H the other for V channels,how much would be the gain winning 1,5 db? or more?

for best performace,with out signal lost of a swich, 2 cables were ideal with direct conections,nothing between one for V the other for H,but how i should conect then,one satellite, with both polarisations over a diseqec swich,on 2 difrent polarisations,on the same satelite name,would not work i think!

when i conect it over 14/18 volt,then maybe the better solution,but maybe also here i lost signal!
is there also a special fine tuning nesersary?

the other item is a polarotor and a depolarizer both together for circular channels that i want to use on the 3 m cm antenna for eutelsat w4,rusian beam,but when i use a polarotor,for what is then a depolarizer needs for?
is it also results in some grainwinning,when it would change the polarisation from linar into circular signals,or via versa?

there are also smw kuband feedhorns avalible for 30€,,how good is the performance there,same then on a omt,or performs the omt better?

ps smw still very expensive one lnb curencly coasts 130€ exclude shipping :(


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