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A woman on holiday in sunny Jamaca, meets up with a big black guy,after a few drinks she takes him back to her hotel room. they get down to some heavy petting when she grabs hold of his cock wow she said what size is it,10 inches he replied,with that they have a realy good ****,Whats your name she asked him Im not telling you,you will only laugh,No i wont she said ,but he wouldnt tell her.Next day she met him again and took him back for another session,again she asked for his name and again he said that she would laugh if he told her so he didnt give it to her.This went on for the rest of her 14 day holiday, On the last night when they had finished having s_x she said you can tell me your name now as i wont be around here any more and i promise i wont laugh at your name.OK he said as long as you dont laugh.Its SNOW.With that she started laughing. I knew you would he said.No no im not laughing at your name its just when i get home and my friends ask me how was my holiday in jamaca i have to tell them that for 14 days all i had was 10 inches of snow.