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Hi all

Okay, so if I give up on the idea of ever being able to get the BBC channels without a dish bigger than my house (I'm around Rome), what can I get in English with reasonable equipment at a reasonable cost?

Surfing around and I find very little English language broadcasts that I can recieve (other than 240 news channels of course). There is BBC Prime, possibly Sky UK (but I'm not sure of the dish size required), and the Italian Sky if you select original language - but it doesn't cover everything broadcast.

Considering English is supposed to be the international language there seems to be a pretty piss poor selection of channels available around here.

Suggestions anyone?

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Vienna, Austria
Hi, Start with this and decide on which sat to tune in to. It's true there is very little in English on sats other than the Astra2A/B/D set. When you read the above for 28.2, skip those at the beginning that have the 2D beam since you are not able to receive them, unfortunately that beam is aso the one which carries the best free English language channels (BBCs etc.).

Personaly, we live in Vienna and are either in or close to the same Astra2 EIRP band as you. With our current dish we cannot get 2D either but we can get, ITV News, Sky News, CNN, POP and POP+ cartoon channels, the Vault for music, some radio channels and an awful lot of tele-sell and other rubbish channels.