Soldier and his girlfriend



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A soldier is posted to Iraq, and has been away several months from his girlfriend, when he receives the following letter,

Dear john, I´m sorry, but the distance between us is too great. I have to be honest with you, i have cheated on you with 2 different men while you have been away. Please return the photographs i sent you... I really am sorry.


So, the soldier, wanting to get his own back, runs round to all his fellow squaddies, and asks them for spare photographs of thier girlfriends, ex´s and sisters. He manages to collect 52. So he gets an envolope, inserts the 52 photographs, along with the one of his girlfriend, and replys with the following

Dear Emma,

I really am sorry, but i can´t quite remember who you are. Please take your photograph from the pile and return the rest.

Regards, Private John