Soldier phones home during battle

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Jun 26, 2007
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A US soldier inadvertently managed to ring his parents during a firefight in Afghanistan when he was caught in a skirmish with insurgents.
His Mom and Pop back in Oregon were treated to a three minute answerphone message after soldier Stephen Philips accidentally hit the speed-dial on his mobile phone when pressed against his Humvee.
His parents heard shooting, swearing, and pleas for more ammunition during the call from their son – something no soldier intends his parents to hear.
Nervous waiting
"They were pinned down and apparently his barrel was overheating," said Jeff Petee, his father. "It's something a parent really doesn't want to hear. It's a heck of a message to get from your son in Afghanistan."
"You could hear him saying stuff like, he needs more ammo, or he needs another barrel," said John Petee, Phillips' brother. "At the end, you could hear a guy saying 'Incoming! RPG!' And then it cut off."
The family eventually got hold of their son after many nervous attempts, and he was obviously embarrassed by the ordeal.
No word on which model of phone he was using, but it’s safe to say if he’d had a touchscreen this whole situation would probably have been avoided.