Some General questions help please



My Satellite Setup
azbox hd premium
hp pavillion laptop
My Location
Hi all, just getting to grips real slowly with this box as its my first ever satelitte and boy have i come in at the deep end,massive learning curve,I have a few questions perhaps yopu more experianced people may be able to help me with here...ok here goes..

1) the plug in "live on sat"...when you click ok on a game it gives you the channel list then you can move down to that game and all the channels its on then what? cos when i do and click ok i thought it would take you straight to the game but all it does is throw me back 1 screen to the main page with the fixtures..IS THIS CORRECT?

2)I did a factory reset other day before installing my cccam 2.1.1 and rescanned my satelittesunder the antenna set up function then satelitte scan but i dont appear to be accessing all the channels and i should be.Now is it better to do an advanced scan,is that far more precise,would it aid this problem perhaps? if so how do i do one?

3)Also when you do a firmware update will it affect any of my cam settings or not? hope not.

4)I am currently running firmware 2371, should I upgrade to the latest or is the general feeling 2371 is better and more stable?

Lastly for now I am based in hertfordshire and if anyone is local to EN7 area and would like a sat pal I would dearly love to meet up and learn a few things from you,as i said before i am new to this,no good with computers and would appreciate some proper help,I have very good friends who are dreamboxers and they have managed to get me to a point so far,expert azboxers would be most helpful.

cheers all..:cool: