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With the news that Astra SES-Global have just commissioned two new (Pan-European footprint) satellites - comes a little hope.

If the launch of 1KR is successful (the last one wasn't, hence the 'R' presumably), then that and 1L will both head toward 19.2°E.

The hope is that by 2006 Astra 2C will be released. They haven't said yet were too, but, one assumes it will jolly along to 28.2°E (where, IMHO, it should have been parked in the first place: like '2'C suggests 28.2°E doesn't it?).

Astra 2C has a pan-european footprint too :-righton - Astra 2D doesn't O-no as many of us know.

I only mention all this (well, requote it) - because I was of the understanding that Astra had every intention of commissioning more of those nasty birds that can focus their beam tightly (like across six countries as opposed to eight).

Is there hope?

Come back in three years.

Read the amazing Press Release here: