somewhere to get free $ky?

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Hi ,

Before i start, i am only posting this for infomation & educational purposes only! so don't give me any grief back, plus is only a benafit if you live in or near Sheffield! ( you will see why )

Anyway, there is a computer fair held at Don Valley Stadium at Sheffield about every fortnight, well there is a guy there who will sell you a computer based box which connects to the $ky digibox via the com link at a cost of £250, which he tells me & a friend ( who could verify it , if he was online ) will decode the $ky encryption system with out the use of a view-ing card.
With it kept constantly running at the side of your $tb you will be able to enjoy all the benafits that $ky can offer.
Now my first two words to the bloke was & i can quote "bull $h*t" and i was not prepared to part with £250. So if you want to see for your self, get your self off down to don vally stadium. for obvisous reason i can't say who he is, or where abouts is stand is becuase I don't want to get him into bother, but if you go you will find him, believing him is another question.

The way we got to talk about hacking $ky , we where on about cheap computers to use with elvis programmers.
Has anyone else come across this guy, I don't know how many other's he has told,
p.s. I heard some where that to hack $ky digital, you did it through the box and not the card!


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Well certainly Froggs, it's more likely that a serial connection hack will work, or at least in my mind it is. Don't think I'd be brave enough to spend £250 to find out though :), I'm also paranoid about the possibility of somebody putting one over on me, I really detest someone taking my money on a con.

Of course from the point of view of the person only out to get free TV, it's possibly too expensive anyway, because when they say they want free TV, they mean free. Could be ideal for the overseas viewer though, no problems with having to have someone with a UK address.

Well anyone who lives up in that area can give the market a try, still sceptical, but as you say Froggs, you're purely relaying what someone has told you is possible. :)



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elliots butchers
Interesting but i think you`re right rolf. How on earth can he justify £250????? that would have to work for 7 months before you broke even!!!

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Well lets buy the local sheffield daily rag: its bound 2 have pikkys
of the local 5 0 arresting some dude at comp fair
(for sellin equipment for frauduant use or fraud as not for specified use)Ive seen it happen at my local com fair (bowlers) a dude was sellin same (somthing for sky) and was done by trading standards for fraud (as it was all a blagg which didn`t work) but he claimed it did on his sales patter,(hes got 10 months 2 think another
up now.SO if its OK (WORKS)hes arrested if its a (BLAGG)same.


Hmm, now what seems to be the problem?
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I think you may have cracked it!,everybody currently banged up in prison gets to watch Sky Digital free,and you also get to learn a trade,three square,and no poll tax,cheap ciggies,and as much s_x as you like,or dont like,as the case may be,I know all this because a friend of mine got 18 months for something he didnt do.When i asked him what he "didnt" do,he told me he didnt run fast enough!!! Best of luck....Brian