Sony Ericsson Feng seen in the wild

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Jun 26, 2007
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Sony Ericsson - you can't say it's accepting its falling ranking in the mobile manufacturing stakes easily. Instead, it decides to have two days within a month of each other when it will release approximately a million handsets.

The new Feng (or W302 to give it its proper title) will be a mid- to low-end camera phone, designed for those who want a stylish-looking device but don't give a jot about functionality.

Bearing more than a passing resemblance to the W880, which is now a year old (you remember…thin as a CD case? Had those funny buttons? Ah yes, it's all coming back now) the Feng packs some pretty similar specs too.

Feng Shui

In fact, they're more along the identical lines. Both have a 2MP camera without any extras like autofocus or flash. There's no sign of expandable memory with the Feng, though a Walkman phone without it pretty rare so it may just be the photos obscuring it.

Both have a similar form factor, with similar screens. In fact, you have to question what Sony Ericsson is doing releasing the same phone again.

To be fair, the W880 was a pretty high end device last year, with a grand marketing scheme behind it to get things going. The Feng is likely to be pretty cheap, and may just be a slightly re-badged version of its older brother.

Expect it to be announced on July 22nd, and you can have it in your hands around October.