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Sony Pictures Television (SPT) has made moves to expand its UK and European reach. Adding five new channels to its UK network portfolio, which already includes the Sony Entertainment Television, SPT acquired five of Dolphin Broadcasting Limited's Dolphin TV Channels. These channels, all geared towards men, are Movies4Men, Movies4Men+1, Movies4Men2, Movies4Men2+1 and Men&Movies. The channels feature action, war, westerns, TV series, and teleshopping. Acquiring these channels could be a move to help STP introduce its action channel, AXN, to the UK.

Eddie Nelson, senior vice president, Networks, EMEA, at STP said: “Increasing our foothold in the UK is an important part of our EMEA growth plan. As a well established specialist in the UK’s multichannel market, Dolphin is an ideal fit for SPT as we develop our channel portfolio and focus on expanding Dolphin’s market share of advertising sales. We are extremely excited about working with Dolphin’s existing clients and developing the teleshopping business.”

Apart from the five channels, SPT has also acquired a stake in the advertising sales house of Dolphin known as Dolphin TV Limited. This is part of a long term goal to build its advertising sales business across Europe. Dolphin TV Limited's advertising sales arm will be collaborating with other SPT advertising ventures in Romania and Croatia. Owned trough a joint venture with Cable Direct, the Romanian and Croatian counterparts of Dolphin already hold customers like Fox and Al Jazeera.

“SPT is a great strategic fit for our own channels and our advertising sales business. The UK sales market is rapidly evolving and this allows us to invest in our core areas of spot and teleshopping sales,” said David Goffin, managing director of Dolphin TV Limited. Due to the venture, Goffin, among with several other Dolphin employees retain their positions, only now having to report to Nelson.

The five Dolphin channels that are currently free-to-air will be available on Sky and Freesat.


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Its not 5 channels really though is it? Its 3 channels & 2 timeshifts.

5 valuable Sky uk epg slots though :D