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I'm new to this site, so appologies if this info is posted elsewhere - although I have searched and found nothing!

I wish to force a software reload. Some time ago a Sky Techie showed me how do to do this - but I've forgotten!!

The problem I am having is the audio drops out and sometimes I get sqeaks and odd noises. Signal strength is good (3/4) and Signal Quality is good (2/3) with a good lock.

hope someone can help!!




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:-Welcome1 to the forum steve4586

Yes I have the same skybox and we are always last to receive updates, mine was chirping and squeeking two weeks ago. All I ever do is completely power down, plug out for 2 minutes. When you plug back in you get a red led and then you try to press the sky button to get a green light and not a lot happens for maybe 30 seconds to 1 minute, repeated pressing of the sky button eventually gets the pre-recorded guide up and then the EPG begins loading. I have always assumed that the 'delay' was because the software was being upgraded and seeing as the chirping stops and usually there are some new channels I have always assumed that was how to do it if someone knows better please post away.