Sony Wi-Fi photo frame sups on RSS too

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Jun 26, 2007
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Electronic photo frames with LCD displays for showing off endless loops of photos you couldn't be bothered printing are very hit and miss in general, but Sony's latest has a little more going for it.
The ¥30,000 (£145) VGF-CP1 goes on sale in Japan next weekend and will hit the West later in the year. For a price that's very much the going rate, you get a 7-inch screen with 800 x 480 pixels and 100MB of flash memory to play with.
Wireless hook-up
There are also slots for all manner of memory cards, so it's not one for Cyber-shot fans only, thankfully. Oddly, though, 15MB of that flash is reserved for audio files and can't be used for photos.
As that last sentence suggests, the CP1 does more than just photos - it can also handle MP3 and WAV files, whether from a memory card or sucked down the Wi-Fi connection built into the frame. Even more strangely, WAV tunes can't be copied to the internal memory.
Regardless, that wireless pipe also brings a clock, weather and news updates and whatever RSS feeds you prime the device to read. In other words, rather than being just a photo frame, this thing's a simple computer. Why couldn't they just say so at the outset?