Sorry Newbie with Newbie Questions :(



[updated:LAST EDITED ON 12-Dec-01 AT 09:57 AM (GMT)]Hello, im really sorry please please can someone help me...
I know these questions have been asked before but ive tried searching the forum and looking for the answers but all i came across where replies telling people to do a search on the forum :( im really very sorry i know this is really annoying as people keep asking the same thing but please please would someone just help me a little, i honestly have tried finding the answers myself :(

Uhmmm i have an Elvis programmer and i was just wondering if anyone knows anywhere i can find a beginners guide to using it... im an extreme newbie and ive never used it before... also is there anything you can do with onDigital with it please?
Also are there any other things you can do with these kits please? like using them with smart cards from mobile phones for changing the phone book and things...

Please i honestly would be so greatfull if anyone could help, any links guides or links to software would be so appreciated...

Again im really sorry...
I really hope some kind person will help :)


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Please can you stop being so sorry. What brings you to this ?

It would help us all if you would read the other posts in this forum before. Your questions have been asked many times before.

You can learn alot by reading orther peoples problems

As you sound like you're about to hang yourself, I thought I'd better help.
If your looking for info on the Elvis programmer you can read the manual and downlaod the latest software from:

Using your programmer and a card, ie. gold card, and a hex file ,which you download from the net, you should be able to program the card with the hex file and decode the OnDigital Channels.

You can find lots of interesting links here:

OnDigital uses Seca/Mediaguard. You can Find the hex file,
"Kevlar 1.61 OD" for the goldwafer card (pic16f84 24LC16) here: (in the seca section)

nobbly :+


Thank You so much :D im sorry i did try looking for the answers and read a lot of the posts but i kept finding replies telling people to use the search feature or telling people to read the faq/how-to but i couldnt find the how to :D and i did the search and i just came accross the same things...

Thank you so much for your help...


Sorry another dumb question :D
how can you identify what type of card you have please? ie pic16f84 24LC16


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I didn't realise the search thing was so difficult...

Just click on search, and specify:
keyword: How to/FAQ
forum/conference: cards & programmers
field: makes no difference (this option does not work)
days to search: all current topics
and mark the "also search archived threads" option.

The results include the FAQ
Probably you neglected to search across archived threads (the post is old)

Anyway, here's the link:



Thank You 2Old, i forgot the archived items... i read through so many other posts though :)