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sound on playback

Hi All
After 1 month with sky+ I had problems when recording to my hard drive ,going into planner I had failed messages in the (recorded viewed)section.Very pleased that sky sent a engineer round and finally replaced my box.Now 2 months on when I playback a recorded progam i loose the sound ,after speaking to sky they say It Is a technical problem they are aware of with the amstrad 80gb I have, nothing to do with the box, anybody having this problem or can explain what the problem could be.Beats the hell out off me.
Many thanks Al :-bash


Specialist Contributor
My Satellite Setup
Dreambox 7000S, VU+ Solo2, 1.1m Dish, Moteck SG-2100A DISEQC Motor
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i too have the same box and same problem :(
my sound doesnt go completely, just goes off for a few seconds??

but i have to reset the box completely at least once or twice a week!!
its a pain in the arse really... ive not rang sky, but im tempted.

sometimes when i goto the planner, a message comes up saying PLEASE WAIT
and nothing happens, you can press back and try to get in again...same message.... only thing to do is reset box :(