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Yet another novice probably asking the same old question, but as I've searched old thread' I thought I'd start a new one!

I'm trying to find out how I can watch South African Rugby! There seems to me to be two options. The first, and most prefferable is Multichoice (which I think is encrypted) which is available on PAS 7 or Eutelsat W4. Is it possible to get this channel in South East England?

The second option is Fox Sports, again, I tyhink it's on Hotbird. Is this available in SE England and is it encryped?

Any help appreciated!


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Jan 1, 2000
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The Muiltichoice Africa package is only is only receivable on PAS 7
on the C band (3744H 3836V and 3863V transponders and then you need at least a 3.0 mtr satellite dish system set up with C band.

Costs are pretty high, and this satellite is very low on the UK Horizon. check that you have a clear line of site to the satellite The Ku Band package is not recievable in Europe.
Both Muiltichoice packages are encripted in iderto 2 however offical cards may be purchased.

There is also on Intelsat 64.0 east the Tv Africa Package (3.669mhz R) also encripted at times in Videogaurd, this requires at least a 2.4 mtr dish for good reception and once again it is only on c band, and also this satellite is still very low on the uk horizon.
check you have line of site to the satellite Official cards may be purchased.

Eutelsat w4 (36.0 east) has a very tight footprint for the Multichoice package on kU band and is generally not recievable in Europe.

Fox Sports is generally on Panamsat at 43.0 west 12578mhz Horizontal

The signals are generally pretty good in the south, and can be recieved on a 1.2 system without difficulty, for a majority they are free to view, but some feeds and transmissions are encripted. Not sure though that this carries the programes that you want ?

I hope this is usefull for you.


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Man, you guys know everything! I think I'll stick with the easier option of Fox first!